Rattan Suppliers Indonesia

If you are looking for Rattan Suppliers Indonesia, You have came to the right place. Craft Galuh presence as a manufacturer producing a wide range of products Furniture made from both natural and Synthetic Rattan is an answer to the needs of individuals as well as entrepreneurs engaged in the property world, Hotel, Resort, Office, Apartment, cafe, restaurant, tourism and personal use. In any form of wicker furniture is manufactured directly by experts trained and experienced in Galuh Craft Workshop in the city of Cirebon, West Java. We always put Taste and Feel the pride of Indonesian rattan furniture products with international standard to deliver and complement the beauty of any interior or exterior space that you want.

Galuh Craft also has production services Customized Design Furniture Rattan to realize any design or creative ideas generated by the Designers / Architects and tastes of each individual who has ownership interest to have wicker furniture in accordance with the information or product images acquired through various media such as : Internet, magazines, books, newspapers, tabloids and so forth.



Rattan Wicker Basket
Rattan Wicker Basket

Our products, such as:

  • Rattan Chairs
  • Rattan Sofas
  • Rattan Dining Tables
  • Rattan Lounger
  • Rattan Sofa Angle
  • Rattan Swing
  • Rattan Shelves
  • Rattan Seat Bar and forth


As Rattan Supplier Indonesia, Galuh Craft always use best natural rattan raw materials from Borneo and Sulawesi Island. As widely known that Borneo rattan and Sulawesi rattan is considered as best quality rattan. Galuh Craft also use synthetic rattan raw materials which domestically produced but have exports world-class standard of quality. Our synthetic rattan quality has been recognized by the International.

Galuh Craft rely on and implement a distribution system of quality in order to meet the expectations of every consumer who wants the product of wicker furniture of high quality that we have to be applied into any designed space dwelling house to imaging the interior space and exterior of various sectors in different regions / provinces in Indonesia to market international such as Europe, Asia, America, Saudi Arabia, South Africa and so on.

world’s rattan population exist in Indonesia, distributed among the islands Borneo, Sulawesi, and Sumbawa.

Armed with the experience of producing and distributing various categories of wicker furniture that we have had for many years to every customer from various business sectors in various regions of the archipelago, Galuh Craft has a commitment and confidence high to continue to provide the best services to meet the needs of every consumer will quality & high-quality products by relying on a variety of the latest innovations without compromising the main advantages by presenting a variety of products flavored Indonesian rattan furniture international level with the best price and affordable.