Indonesian Rattan Basket

Indonesian Rattan Basket

Indonesian Rattan Basket • Ahead of Idul Fitri, the demand for parcel baskets at the Tegalwangi Rattan Industrial Center of Cirebon Regency increased. It was recognized by one of the owner of showroom furniture and rattan handicraft in Tegalwangi, Milla.

The owner of furniture and handicraft gallery “Makmur Jaya Rattan” was admitted to receiving orders from rattan parcel baskets from various regions. In fact, the order has come since 3 months ago. And now he has sent 5000 pcs baskets parcel for orders from out of town.

“There are still about 2000 more orders. For those who now make delivery out of town, and this week the plan for the shipment to the region of Cirebon. Most to fill the supermarkets, “said Mila told, Tuesday (30/5).

Orders parcel rattan Tegalwangi delivered to various cities
To meet the demand of many orders that he had also been producing it since 3 months ago. In addition to his workshop, parcel basket that he also spread to pengesub-rattan craftsmen in the surrounding area.

“Incidentally my own besides having a showroom also has a production warehouse for finishing,” said Milla.

However, he admitted, the number of orders is still experiencing constraints by the availability of raw materials that he thinks is difficult to obtain. Rattan raw material for this parcel basket according to him using rattan type CL and camp.

These rattan baskets vary in shape, ranging from ankle shape to baskets. And also other recent models.

“There is an ankle, which is a basket of one level is also a model that is now called a box and a box of wheels, usually for the place of fruit or syrup,” said Jay, one of the craftsmen in Makmur Jaya Rattan production warehouse. (DRI)