IFEX 2017 Innovation and Creativity Furniture Industry in Indonesia

IFEX 2017 Innovation and Creativity Furniture Industry in Indonesia

[IFEX 2017]

Events Indonesia International Furniture Expo (IFEX), which is an exhibition of furniture and crafts B2B (business to business), the largest in Indonesia and the region will be held again on 11-14 March 2017 at the Jakarta International Expo (JIEXPO) Kemayoran, Jakarta. Having visited several cities, roadshow IFEX now visiting Jepara, Tuesday (08/23/2016). Roadshow are packed together in the inaugural board of DPD HIMKI Jepara Kingdom 2016-2020 in RM Maribu Jepara.

IFEX 2017 is an exhibition organized by the Association of Furniture and Handicraft Industries Indonesia (HIMKI) will carry the theme of “The Essence of Infinite Innovation” that is intended to lift the importance of innovation and creativity in the furniture industry and handicraft is relentless, in order to produce creative works with inspiration local culture and can adjust the taste of the market and abroad.

DPP Chairman Abdul Sobur HIMKI say, through this theme, HIMKI want to encourage industry players to keep improving innovation and creativity in order to produce superior products that have added value optimal and can become the market leader in the global market. On the other hand, will awaken a positive image at international level that Indonesia is a country producing furniture and handicraft products the best in the world.


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Indonesian furniture and handicraft products, said Sobur, are in great demand internationally one of which is the rattan. Indonesian rattan products are environmentally friendly products and has its own uniqueness that is produced by skilled hands. “Product of furniture and rattan craft once a luxury product and icon in Europe, America and other Asian and African regions where the upper middle class society there tends to fill his house with furniture and crafts made from natural rattan,” he said.

IFEX 2017 mat will keep working with PT. Dyandra Promosindo, and supported by four ministry is the Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises, and the Ministry of Environment and Forests.

In addition to the works displayed the participants, one of the IFEX 2017 is unique in the presence of the Hall of Excellence in Hall C which is an exhibition hall with an exhibition curated participating companies. Hall showing quality products and high added value. Hall of Excellence contains a large mid-sized companies with the best quality products, innovative design with the latest.

HIMKI optimistic that Indonesia could increase exports in the world market to fill, considering that Indonesia has the potential production forests is quite spacious and has abundant human resources, as well as their production centers furniture and handicrafts are scattered throughout Indonesia. (Zacky Alvarez)