Easiest Way How to Clean Rattan Furniture

Easiest Way How to Clean Rattan Furniture

How to clean your rattan furniture?

Rattan furniture is often the mainstay of the home decorator. However, many do not know how to clean and care for rattan furniture well. well, here is the trick:


1. Use a Vacuum Cleaner

The structure consists of a rattan furniture usually woven with a narrow slit detail. In this gap usually dust will nest, making furniture becomes dull.

The most practical way to do that is by using a vacuum cleaner that feathered edges. Keep in mind that you should never suppress the surface of the furniture too hard because it can cause matting become scratched or even off.


2. Use Toothbrush

The vacuum cleaner is less effective? You can use a toothbrush to clean the sidelines of wicker furniture. Make sure the toothbrush is used still have a nice feather.

It is very easy. You just wet the toothbrush using water to make it easier to remove dust. Between them smaller? You can also use a stick or wire coated with wet wipes.


3. Cut out part peel

Usually arise in wicker rattan fibers of the wood furniture was old. Knowingly or not, you’ve probably revoke the chipped portion.

If you ever do, you should not do anymore because it will ruin the other part. The most appropriate way to do that is by cutting out or cutting the fiber peeling from the base.


4. Use Detergent

Powdered detergent or dishwashing soap will be very effective for cleaning synthetic rattan furniture. Quite easy, you just have to sprinkle the detergent on some piece of furniture. Furthermore, furniture spray and rinse until all the rest of the soap is gone.

In natural wicker furniture, simply use a cloth moistened with water detergents. The next step, which laps the entire piece of furniture. It should be noted that the fabrics do not be in a state too wet.


5. Make sure the furniture Dry Perfect

This is very important because the rattan is potentially exposed to the fungus due to damp. You can use the sunlight, a fan, or even a hair dryer to dry it.

Simply use a hairdryer with a blast of cold air to natural wicker furniture so that its surface is not charred or burnt. As for the synthetic rattan furniture, never use a hairdryer.


6. Exterminate Termites with Natural

Everything is already done? The next step is quite perform proper maintenance. The most important thing to do is eradicate termites that can make quick wicker furniture porous.

You only need to prepare camphor and kerosene. Quite dissolve one tablespoon of camphor into 200 milliliters of kerosene, then spray on the surface of wicker furniture.


7. Perform Finishing Birthday

Doing refinishing can create the look of wicker furniture color is maintained. You can use wax or melamik banisters. It’s easy, just spray both the material to the entire surface of the furniture. This step should be done every four years, so that it always looks like a new cane.

That she some tricks that can help you treat and clean wicker furniture in the house. What are you waiting for? Immediately do the ways above to make the look of the furniture always looks new!



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